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Dear Author...

Lovely, lovely Yuletide Santa, let me first let you know just how appreciative I am of you, for all the time you're about to put in and for how much I know I'm sure to love whatever you've got to offer. This is my third time actively participating (fourth writing something, because I went insane and pinch-hit crazy the year I forgot to sign up on time) and I love it more and more every single time :D But on to the specifics.

Generally, I really like character-driven stories. I love complex relationships between characters, which is probably obvious in the canons I've requested. I'm fine with any rating, if it's appropriate to the canon, good with action and violence where applicable, and I know that three out of my four requests are canons with horribly tragic stories, so if YOUR story turns out that way, that'd be awesome with me.

I'm not a huge fan of slash for slash's sake or mpreg or anything like that.

And to shamelessly copy and paste from previous years' letters:

I love fluff when it's written well, and I'm usually a fan of more gen stuff and canon couples than fandom couples. While I'm not a huge slash fan, in the fandoms I've specified wanting it in, I love it. :D I'm a big fan of characterization, and honestly, if the fic isn't heavy on the action, but is good on characterization, I'll love it. I know I didn't request any of his works this year, but I'm a BIG Joss Whedon fan. I love how his stuff keeps you on the edge of your seat and how you never know just what he's going to do because nothing is off limits. No couple is guaranteed to be together forever, no one is guaranteed to not die...I LIVE for that kind of drama. I prefer stuff that takes place within canon timelines to AU, but I'm not against AUs or anything. I love humor. I love to laugh, and I'd love it if there were some bit of humor in the story somewhere.

Breaking Bad

I LOVE Jesse. Period. He's a character who endeared himself to me from pretty much the first episode of Breaking Bad and I'd love a story starring him. In general, I'd love to maybe see a missing moment between Jesse and Jane, maybe an AU where he meets Walter Jr. or anything that's especially character-driven. Fly is one of the best episodes of the series, I think, if only because of the character moments in it, and I've love to read more of that.

Or if you want to write some kind of crazy action-driven thrill-ride where Jesse and Walt can only save themselves with the power of science, that's cool too. I really love the characters of this show and the complexity of their relationships (especially Walt and Jesse's oh my god), so I'm not terribly picky here. I WOULD like to ask for no Jesse/Walt slash if you can help it, though.


I miss Nathan something fierce. Even though I loved season 3 of the show, I do think there was something lacking without Nathan in the mix, and I'd love for a story with him at the center. Whether or not it's Nathan coming back post-Vegas jail or something set during seasons 1 or 2 can be up to you, but I really just love the delightful little shit in all of his glory.

I also listed Simon and Alisha under my character list because I adore them as well, and I'd also love something starring the two of them. Maybe from when they went to Vegas? :D

The Newsroom

JIM. HARPER. I am absolutely fascinated by him as a character, and we haven't gotten a whole lot of backstory on him yet. I'd love to read your take on just what makes Jim Harper tick and just where he comes from. Maybe something from that infamous study abroad incident? Or if you just want to focus on Jim and Maggie or Jim and Neal, or even Jim and Mac, that'd be awesome too. I work in news, so this show is kind of near and dear to my heart, so feel free to go wild. :D

X-23 (comic)

It broke my heart when this comic was canceled, because I love Laura Kinney as a character and I think that she's damned complex and interesting. I love her father-daughter relationship with Remy and I don't think that we got enough of it in the comic's short run. I'd love to see this explored further, as well as her relationship with Logan and her own quest to figure out whether or not she has a soul. Seriously, go wild here, it's Marvel.

Again, thank you thank you thank you for your time and for what I'm sure is going to be something awesome that I'll enjoy reading on Christmas (and my birthday!) morning. Santa, you're the greatest. :D