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Thank you, thank you in advance for what I'm sure is going to be an amazing fic. :D I love Yuletide, and I look forward to it every year now.

Okay first to the copy/paste general stuff that I tell my author every year:

Generally, I really like character-driven stories. I love complex relationships between characters, which is probably obvious in the canons I've requested. I'm fine with any rating, if it's appropriate to the canon, good with action and violence where applicable, and I know that three out of my four requests are canons with horribly tragic stories, so if YOUR story turns out that way, that'd be awesome with me.

I'm not a huge fan of slash for slash's sake or mpreg or anything like that.

I love fluff when it's written well, and I'm usually a fan of more gen stuff and canon couples than fandom couples. While I'm not a huge slash fan, in the fandoms I've specified wanting it in, I love it. :D I'm a big fan of characterization, and honestly, if the fic isn't heavy on the action, but is good on characterization, I'll love it. I know I didn't request any of his works this year, but I'm a BIG Joss Whedon fan. I love how his stuff keeps you on the edge of your seat and how you never know just what he's going to do because nothing is off limits. No couple is guaranteed to be together forever, no one is guaranteed to not die...I LIVE for that kind of drama. I prefer stuff that takes place within canon timelines to AU, but I'm not against AUs or anything. I love humor. I love to laugh, and I'd love it if there were some bit of humor in the story somewhere.

Fast and Furious Series

Let's pretend Han and Gisele are still alive. I'd love to see more stores with the two of them. Or maybe even in the time between Fast 5 and Furious 6. One of the things I love about this franchise is how the characters are all so loveable, and Han and Gisele are my absolute favorite. Yes, the whole franchise is ridiculous, but for some reason, these two really stick out to me.

That's not to say that I don't want to see the other members of the crew in this. I'd love something with Dom and Brian and everyone else, but really I want more Han and Gisele. :(


I'm easy to please when it comes to this fandom. The main thing I want is Rudy and Nathan interaction. Maybe he comes back from Vegas to find himself replaced in the group. Maybe he never went to Vegas at all. Maybe the young offenders all go to break him out of jail. Either way, I've always just been curious to see how Nathan and Rudy would interact. AU is fine here, since we know how Misfits likes to change up their casts. This show, as a whole, is ridiculous, so feel free to go wild with sex, gore, gross-out humor, anything goes. :D

Skins UK

I'd love to read a Tony fic. Something like what he would have gotten if they'd chosen to do a season 7 episode starring him. I'd love to see what he's up to these days. I'd also really love the same thing, but with Chris Miles (it'd be an AU obviously.) And I know they weren't listed under the character drop down, but pretty much anyone from Gen 3 would be amazing. I love all of their ridiculous little faces, so I'd love some Rich and Alo and Mini fic, or ANYTHING, really. Except Franky. Please god, no Franky Fitzgerald fic.

Fresh Meat

Vod and JP. I adore how ridiculous Jack Whitehall is in that role, and I've love to see more interaction between these two characters. To be completely honest, I ship them juuuust a little bit, and I'd love to see what your take on them is.

The World's End

I want to know what Gary King does after the fall of technology. I want adventures with him and his band of friends. I felt like The World's End had a pretty satisfying conclusion, but also that there was room for it to go further. I really just want to know what Gary's up to, and if he ever runs into any of his old friends again, or if he just roams around the English countryside having adventures with his new/old friends. xD

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

I LOVE MILES MORALES. Now that we have that out of the way, as much as I love the character, I really dislike that, for whatever reason, we haven't gotten a lot of time with Miles since the time jump. I really just want some moments with him and Ganke, or him and Kate. Or maybe a flashback to how he and Kate started going out? Either way, I'd really just love to see more character interaction. Or even just a Miles and Jessica team-up fic.