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Not bothering with a filter yet, because I haven't managed to add everyone. Besides, 99 percent of my flist on DW is TR anyway.

Okay, so.

Holiday stress is behind me, and really the only thing on my plate right now is this DW move. I confess, I'm not the best at doing a lot of tedious organizational stuff all at once, so it's going to take me some time to completely get my footing back. The good thing is, I've either started or finished reqs for all of my pups except for Ron, so I'm not stressed in that regard. (Or not really stressed anyway, since I'm not intending to app for a while). But my New Year's Eve plans amount to little else but drinking and tagging, so I should be good as long as I manage to get everyone imported and set up in the next week. I think there's just Nathan left to import, but the majority of my journals left to reformat, and I haven't done much on my wiki pages at all.

And to think, I'd been so proud of myself for the amount of organization I'd been keeping up with nine pups.

Please bear with me, guys. -___-

HOPEFULLY I'll get to tagging everything back tonight, but I've been getting sidetracked when I realize that a certain pup's layout isn't right or I can't find a thread or something, then I just get distracted and nothing gets tagged. On the plus side, I managed a few tags last night before I crashed, so that's SOMETHING. Oy.


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